About Us

Our Mission is to deliver unique fragrance products for various environments to enhance productivity, peace and harmony in the lives of people around the world.


GRC Groups is a fast growing and leading Dev Drishti agarbatti manufacturer & exporter of Superior and Quality Perfumed Incense Sticks & Dhoop sticks in the World. The company has made immense customer base and earned extensive mouth publicity using its highest quality. Agarbatti products and its superior manufacturing process standards, use of high-quality fragrance compound formulas and innovative modern packaging.

We make superior quality incense sticks and allied products which are tailor-made to the market requirements. Empowered with a dedicated team, we have been successfully catering to the clients with our products.

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. To satisfy our customers' requirements, great care is taken with the quality of the product. We select only the best incense raw materials and high-quality perfumes to manufacture our products.

We source our raw materials from places which are known for strength, purity and longevity. Using such raw materials enables us to make excellent incense products. We ensure high standards of quality in all areas - sourcing, production, packaging, sales and customer support.

We are manufacturers and exporters of aromatic products. Our manufacturing facility is located at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India. We make exclusive candles, incense sticks, dhoop sticks and allied products with a wide range of fresh fragrances. We are passionate about making great smelling products. With an experienced team, we are one of the leading manufacturers of world class aromatic products.